The Complete Course

Transform Your Relationship
with Money

Develop a Deep Limbic
Resonance with Prosperity


Transform Your Relationship with Money is a five-course training (plus one Bonus Course) that will revolutionize your relationship to money. You can:

  • Free Yourself from the Money Matrix (and understand what it is)
  • Release Money Blocks and Unleash your Inner Wealth
  • Program Yourself for Prosperity in just 15 Minutes a Day

 Most people don’t understand money. They think that money is a thing – something that you buy, sell, trade or steal.

 Money is a relationship. Your relationship with money is one of the most powerful relationships you will have in your lifetime. 

Money is energy. We exchange energy through money. Understand energy and you can understand money.

Value for this program: $997
Normal Discount Rate: $197

© Copyright 2020 - Darin Deterra

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